Some Testimonials from our Patients, Colleagues and Community...

To all, I can’t thank you enough for the kindness you have shown me. You made a stressful time, less stressful. Thank you. Regards, Margaret.    - Margaret F.
Dear Dr. Graziosa, As the saying goes, "give me my rose while I am alive". I just want to take the time to let you know how grateful I am to God and to you for such a great job. Doctor, you allowed God to use you as an instrument to help others. You have truly helped me, and many others to have a better quality of life. Thank God and thank you for a job well done. Doc, may you continue to use your gift to bless others. As you allow yourself to be used of God as a special instrument - thank God! May God bless your work. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.    - Primrose D.
Two years ago, after I tore my Achilles tendon, I went to Dr. Graziosa for care. I could not have been more pleased with my choice of doctors. Dr. Graziosa’s concern and genuine sincerity about my condition reassured me and allayed my fears about my future ability to walk. The procedure and recovery went exactly as he had told me and today I marvel at my complete recovery. Dr. G is tops with me. (New York State Assemblyman)    - Michael B.
This is the Dr. that I trusted to diagnosis n treat myself and my daughter. He is not only a good Dr. but a real true person.    - online review
Aproximadamente- 3 años atrias tube un lamentable accidente en mi trabajo donde tube una caida desde una escalera de aproximadamente 5 pies ½ cayendo sobre mi rodilla y codo derecho; tuve fractura en el menisco; tube una operacion en la oidilla derecha, la misma fue todo un exito; debido a la intensidad de la caida estube tomando terapia fisica la cual ayudo, pero la misma no hace milagros, comense a desarrollar una terdonitis donde el Dr. Graziosa, hizo una segunda operacion; esta alivio y mejoro enormemente mi rodilla. Este terrible accidente cambio mi ritmo de vida y mis actividades regulares radicalmente, mis musculos, cuerpo y estado fisico. Antes de tener el accidente era una persona muy activa mi, trabajo ameritaba una vestimenta impecable (usar tacones, suit, y fasion clothes); también practicaba artes maiciales, me gustaba el deporte en general. En manos del Dr. Graziosa y su excelente profesionalismo y asistencia médica, apoyo fisico y emocional; también las recomndaciones a los doctors    - Monica B.
It is a pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Graziosa. He made feel so comfortable, he explained everything to me and answered all m questions without hesitation. The staff was so helpful and accommodating when scheduling my appointment. I have already recommended him to quite a few of my Mah-Jong friends.    - Rita F.
Dr. Graziosa is a wonderful Orthopedic surgeon. His office is both efficient and so immaculate that you could eat off the bathroom floor. Both he and his staff is courteous and respectful of his patients time. I had an appointment during a terrible snow storm and he didn't cancel my appointment. He has a wonderful, comforting personality, and can break down complicated procedures putting his patients at ease. Dr. Graziosa has one of the best practices in the NY metro area. and it should be a model to all doctors on how to run their offices.    - Lois L.
Dr. Graziosa is truly exceptional. He is genuinely caring and most supportive. A true professional!    - Antonio P.
In all my years I have known Dr. Graziosa, he has been a wonderful person and also the staff. Dr. Graziosa is kind and very caring. I know him for many years and I am very grateful and blessed to know him. I recommend Dr. Graziosa in the highest regards as an orthopedic doctor. He is one of the best in my 15 years.    - Awilda G
On August 28, 2010 I was hit by a taxi cab in Yonkers, New York. I was transported to the emergency room by ambulance. I was treated and directed to physical therapy. This was a traumatic and scary time for me only to find out after physical therapy I would need knee surgery. I was directed to the office of Dr. Albert Graziosa. I was skeptical and scared but meeting Dr. Graziosa became the best day of my life. Dr. Graziosa was professional yet caring, reassuring and kind. I am terrified of doctors and surgery in general but thanks to Dr. Graziosa’s overseeing of my case, I am no longer afraid of doctors and surgeons. Dr. Graziosa is a gem to the medical profession and a true blessing.    - Rhoda L.
What do I Think
     I think Dr. Graziosa is a very trust worthy Dr. He's always the same, friendly and doing his job well. He's always clean even when he is wearing his scrubs. When a doctor is clean that really tells you something about him. Dr. Graziosa is one of the best Dr's I have ever known. I would recommend Dr. Graziosa to anyone who need him, because he is the best. He did surgery on both of my shoulders and they feel like they were never injured. Dr. Graziosa is the type of doctor that would like to care for you, he's listens and gives great advice. He keeps it so real with you and you never have to worry about him spinning you, that's not his nature.      READ MORE...    - H. Johnson
In all my years (and there have been many) of experiences with medical personnel and providers, Dr. Graziosa’s staff is exemplary in professionalism and assistance. As for Dr. G, he is kind, gentle and has a terrific bedside manner. I am grateful and blessed to be part of this doctor, staff and patient relationship. Highest Recommendations!    - Elsa P.
I recommend Dr. Graziosa in the highest regard. As an orthopedic doctor, he is one of the best, if not the best, in my 70 years of experience. The staff is awesome, helpful and professional.    - George R.
My name is Carmen R. I am a disabled veteran. I have injuries on my back, shoulders, neck and right ankle. I see Dr. Albert Graziosa, M.D., P.C. Orthopedic Surgeon/Sports Medicine once a month in the Manhattan location 415 Central Park West, Suite 1AF, New York, New York 10025. Telephone # 718-931-0050/fax# 718-931-0264. By appointment only. He has a location in the Bronx also on East Tremont Avenue. Same telephone number and fax. Dr. Albert Graziosa is very nice, friendly and very, very professional. He helps his patients a lot; if you speak to him, he will take care of you, your family and your friends. It helps to know he is bilingual.    - Carmen R.
Best orthopedic doctor here in Manhattan. He picked up where my other doctors wasted my time. My symptoms have subsided thanks to Dr. Graziosa. The office staff is very efficient and friendly. He speaks with you and listens to you.    - Milagros M.